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Thank you for visiting our Rebate / Discount Coupon Center, where Global Gov/Ed lists all of our special rebates, additional discounts and savings on many of our already discounted, low priced products and best deals so you can save even more!

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Rebate Assurance Policy

We want to make sure that you receive any rebate for which you are eligible and properly apply for. Although we may not be the sponsor of the mail in rebate we will stand behind it and assist you in the unlikely event you are improperly denied or otherwise do not receive payment for a qualified and properly applied for rebate claim.

If you meet all eligibility requirements for a rebate, properly follow the rebate submission rules and timeline, and can substantiate that you were eligible and complied with the submission rules, we will intercede on your behalf with the rebate sponsor and processor as needed to help secure payment of your claim. However we strongly suggest that you contact the rebate processing center first. Most often any discrepancies can be quickly resolved directly with the processing center. You will generally be able to resolve it faster than we will, since you will be able to provide any needed information to the rebate center immediately whereas we may have to get the information from you and contact the rebate center multiple times.

Click here for more information and to submit a request for assistance.

Before contacting us for assistance:

1. Verify you were eligible for the rebate in question. You must have purchased the qualifying product from the retailer specified during the correct time frame of the offer.

2. Verify you complied with all terms, conditions, submission requirements and time line of the rebate offer. You must have properly applied for the rebate either via a paper form or at a website, mailed the required proofs of purchase (usually a copy of your receipt and the products original UPC code), and done so within the time fame specified in the rebate offer (usually within 30 days of purchase date).

3. Substantiate that you were eligible for the rebate and complied with all requirements of the rebate offer. The original rebate offer, your proof of qualifying purchase and copy of your rebate submission including proof of submission date may be required by the rebate sponsor and processor as we intercede on your behalf. We will help as much as we can, since you purchased from us we will be able to supply a copy of your sales receipt and will be able to verify if you purchased a product eligible for a rebate but you may need to provide proof that you followed all submission rules according to the terms and conditions of the original offer, including submission or postmark date if so requested by the rebate sponsor and processor when we contact them.

If you haven't received payment or any notice of denial:

1. Allow sufficient time for the rebate to be paid. This is usually 8-10 weeks from the time you mailed your submission. Please do not contact us sooner than 8 weeks after you mailed the rebate submission.

2. Contact the rebate processing center. If you havenít received anything regarding your rebate at all, thereís a chance it is still being processed. Please locate the Rebate Centerís contact information on the rebate form and they will be able to give you an update once you provide them with your rebate details.

If you have received a denial notice:

1. Read the denial notice to determine the reason for denial and follow the instructions on how to resubmit for the rebate claim. Usually this is done by supplying whatever piece of information or other requirement was missing from your original submission.

2. If there are no instructions on how to resubmit, contact the rebate processing center for resolution.

If you believe you were incorrectly denied a rebate or have waited more than 10 weeks since the submission of your documents and have not been paid, or have been unable to resolve your claim after contacting the rebate processing center, you can contact us for assistance via this form. If you need assistance with more than one claim please submit one form for each claim. Please do not call us for rebate assistance; in ordered to efficiently intervene with rebate sponsors and processors we need this information from you in writing.

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